Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind Rio Valley Relief Project and their passion to helping immigrants and refugees in Texas.

Cassie Stewart

Board Executive Director

Cassie Stewart is passionate about the social welfare of all people including immigrants and refugees and has actively helped her husband, a Dallas immigration attorney, advocate for immigrant rights. She believes that all people should be treated with dignity and fairness.

Jennifer Gauntt

Board Vice President

Jennifer Gauntt has always felt a pull toward relief efforts. Over the course of her life, she has become involved with foundations in the U.S., South America and India and is eager to provide opportunities for her children to work alongside her.

Jennifer is the Vice President of the Board and is responsible for volunteer coordination and administration.

She lives in Austin with her husband and four children and spends an awful lot of time driving, cleaning and asking about homework assignments.

Crystal Stewart

Board Member

Crystal Ann Stewart grew up in a multicultural home and loves learning about how people all over the world live. She has participated in movements advocating Human Rights and has done volunteer work for many different organizations in Europe and now in Texas. Her latest passion is to aid in refugees relief in any way possible.

As a Board member of RVRP, Crystal serves as a Resource Director.

She currently teaches weekly English classes to refugees in Austin, Texas. As a UT Austin graduate, she is happy to be back in Austin after spending the last 20 years moving more than 18 times with her husband and 5 kids. She could probably qualify as an official international nomad.

Melissa Robertson

Board Member

As a Board member, Melissa is responsible for event coordination. Melissa grew up in a large family and is the oldest of nine children. Her father has always been an example of selfless kindness toward others. Seeing how service helped people overcome their challenges made an impact on her. Her husband is another example to Melissa of service and love towards others. They have four children and a daughter-in-law that they are proud of. Melissa loves people. She believes that each person has a personal and unique story and to change the world and to make it a better place, we have to do what we can, where we can.

Jessica Lee-Wen

Board Member

Jessica Lee-Wen’s fifth grade teacher had a profound effect on her when her teacher taught her The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them done unto you.” Since then, she has used this principle as a guide throughout her life.

As a Board member, Jessica oversees the marketing for RVRP. 

She currently resides in Austin with her husband and is a Director of Marketing at a commercial real estate investment firm. When she’s not working or serving others, you can find Jessica practicing yoga or at a local concert.

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